The is proud to announce appointment of its new Managing Director Aaron Emmett.


The free movie downloads portal is set to become huge with Aaron Emmett providing his insatiable energy, appetite for innovative, and his proven track record in generating substantial revenues.

Aaron Emmett  was a co-founder of the Poker Project Ltd, which was acquired by BskyB’s Sky Poker 2 years after inception. The serial entrepreneur Aaron Emmett said in statement this week “After spending the last few years resting in the side lines, I’m looking forward to getting my teeth stuck into a substantial project. I’m very honoured and excited to be tasked with the position of Managing Director of I’ve got some fantastic ideas for the film club’s members.”

Offering free membership and free movie downloads & streaming, is a community of viewers who want to avoid the mainstream Hollywood conveyor belt of movies. The’s well reviewed library is made up from niche and independent titles, focusing on many specialist genres including gangster movies, horror movies, war movies, action movies, true crime movies, martial arts movies etc.

Brand CEO Terry Stone was reported as saying “Aaron is a welcome addition to the management team, he’s already provided the board with a number innovative ideas that the site’s members are going to love!”

If you would like more info about the, or to schedule an interview or an appointment with any of the team, please call Tom on 0207 0788 584 or email

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